High Elf Chapter 1 PQ
House Arkaneth

House Arkaneth Public Quest

Order, High Elf, Chapter 1

location: Calumel, Blighted Isles, Chapter 1

PQ Lore: The spires of a mighty Black Ark tower above the coastal town of Narthain as hordes of deadly Dark Elf warriors make ready to disembark. Along the base of the massive vessel, a black wave of Corsair ships lies at anchor, waiting for the signal to discharge their own bloodthirsty cargo upon the shore.

The defenders of Narthain must find some way to stop the Dark Elf advance, or the town will surely be lost!

Stage 1: Guards and Shades Slain

Stage 2: Shining Guard Crewmen Slain

Stage 3: Scornlash

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