High Elf Chapter 3 PQ
Ruins of Erraneth

Ruins of Erraneth Public Quest

Order, High Elf, Chapter 3

location: Blightsward, Chrace, Chapter 3

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Shattered Beach, Thrallseekers

PQ Lore: The white stones of the Ruins of Erraneth flash in the rays of the sun; their stark whiteness a jarring contrast to the verdant canopy of thorny brambles and twisted vines that have overgrown the once-proud temple. The ruins are a faceless reminder of a bygone age - an age of intrigue, betrayal, and bloodshed.

From deep within the overgrown building, a thin tendril of smoke trails lazily into the sky, announcing the return of life to the once-abandoned shrine. Once a temple devoted to Khaine, the Elven god of Murder, Erraneth was mistakenly thought by the High Elves to have been destroyed during the Sundering.
It seems enough of the temple remained for the Dark Elves to seek it out. For what reason they have done so remains to be seen, but it stands to reason it is unlikely to be a mission for the good of the High Elves.

Stage 1: Kill Bloodfueled Devotees

Stage 2: Bloodfueled Hag

Stage 3: Kill Lilith Avorax

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