High Elf Warcamp BO
The Altar of Khaine

The Altar of Khaine Objective

Order, High Elf, Warcamp

location: Tor Aendris, Blighted Isles, Warcamp

PQ Lore: There are few locations in Ulthuan more important to the history of the Elven races than the Altar of Khaine. Here, the ancient weapon of Aenarion has lain for centuries, hidden on a remote island in order to limit the sword's influence on passerby. The cursed blade calls to any who come near it with promises of ultimate power. In return, all the weapon asks is that the wielder spill blood on the field of battle. But, the sword's deal is a fool's bargain. The blade's hunger for blood cannot be assuaged and the wielder is ultimately consumed by the weapon's hunger.

The Widowmaker would be a dreadful weapon in the hands of anyone that would dare draw it from the Altar.

The High Elves would never dream of bringing the curse of Aenarion down upon themselves by giving into the temptation of wielding his blade. But the Dark Elves are unhindered by such self-discipline. The children of Malekith must be kept away from the Blade Shrine at all costs.

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