Greenskin Chapter 12 PQ
Grimbeard Station

Grimbeard Station War Camp

Destruction, Greenskin, Chapter 12

location: Drok's Fist, Black Fire Pass, Chapter 12

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Moonfang Remnant, Kolaz Umgal

PQ Lore: Brumhilda Hammerstrike's Railguards were ill prepared for the greenskin horde which swept down upon the train station. Although they managed to prevent Gutcutta da Bomma and his greenskin army from seizing the train station, a pitched battle continues to rage atop the mountain. Varmir knows that should Grimbeard Station fall, the supply route through both Dwarf and Empire lands will be lost. The Oathbearers will need to prevent the train station from falling into enemy hands if they're to have any hope of winning the war.

Stage 1: Hammerstriker Railguard

Stage 2: Destroy the Track Supplies

Stage 3: Station Chief Coalsteam

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