High Elf Warcamp BO
The Tower of Nightflame
zone: Chrace

The Tower of Nightflame Objective

Order, High Elf, Warcamp

location: Tor Aendris, Blighted Isles, Warcamp

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
The Altar of Khaine, House of Lorendyth, Shard of Grief

PQ Lore: The Tower of the Nightflame marks the victory of Aenarion and his small band of High Elves over the forces of Chaos in the Battle of Elor Vindaerin. There, Aenarion wielded the Sword of Khaine against a horde of thousands, cutting them down in rivers of blood. The Widowmaker sang that day, as it joyously drunk of the bitterly cold blood of the northmen - seemingly unaware that even then, Aenarion was fighting against its influence.

Today, all that remains of this ancient battlefield is the ruins of the village that were caught in the midst of the fateful conflict. What was not destroyed in the battle later was brought down by the cataclysm of the Sundering.

Centuries later, a tower was erected here to pay homage to the many elves who gave their lives to protect Elor Vindaerin.

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