High Elf Chapter 4 PQ
zone: Chrace

Elisia Public Quest

Order, High Elf, Chapter 4

location: Cliffs of Ushuru, Chrace, Chapter 4

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Blackwood Hill Garrison, Stone of Imrahir

PQ Lore: Located on the eastern edge of Ulthuan, the town of Elisia straddles three small islands in the lea-side harbor south of the Shattered Beach. Far removed from the dangerous northern border, the occupants of Elisa were ill-prepared for the sudden Dark Elf attack on their town. Appearing out of the morning mists, the forces of House Uthorin quickly swept over the outer islands, eventually taking the inland town with little resistance.

Elisia has value as a sea-port and staging ground and the High Elves would like to retake the town before the Dark Elves are able to dig themselves in.

Stage 1: Kill Uthorin Dark Elves

Stage 2: Mainland Village Reclaimed

Stage 3: Destroy Dark Elf Counterattack

Stage 4: Elisia Docks Claimed

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