High Elf Chapter 4 PQ
Stone of Imrahir
zone: Chrace

Stone of Imrahir Public Quest

Order, High Elf, Chapter 4

location: Cliffs of Ushuru, Chrace, Chapter 4

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Blackwood Hill Garrison, Elisia

PQ Lore: After the fall of Narthain, the Dark Elf forces steadily made their way south. At first, the warriors of the Shining Guard were curious as to why the followers of the Witch King would be heading in this direction. Now, after gathering their forces upon the plain of Imrathir, the High Elves believe they have divined their enemy's' destination, for there is only one item of strategic importance located in that area.

In horror, the defenders of Ulthuan realize that the Dark Elves intend to arrest control over the menhir stones throughout Ulthuan, beginning their campaign with the capture of the Stone of Imrathir. If successful in controlling enough of the menhirs, the Dark Elves could gain control over the Vortex itself - a prospect no High Elf can bear to imagine. Ulthuan would surely not survive their meddling.

Stage 1: Arkaneth Slain

Stage 2: Menhir Strength Lost

Stage 3: Beastmaster Rauul

Stage 4: Ga'khur the Bloodcaller

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