Greenskin Chapter 12 PQ
Kolaz Umgal

Kolaz Umgal Public Quest

Destruction, Greenskin, Chapter 12

location: Drok's Fist, Black Fire Pass, Chapter 12

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Moonfang Remnant, Grimbeard Station

PQ Lore: Kolaz Umgal overlooks Black Fire Pass, far above Grimbeard Station. Those with keen eyes can just make out the distant spire of the Temple of Sigmar from the parapets, giving the observer an ever present reminder of the alliance forged countless years ago between Dwarfs and Men.

The fortress of Kolaz Umgal is the nearest fortress to Thardrik and responsible for the defense of Grimbeard Station. The Sigmarites from the Temple of Sigmar and Priesterstadt have dispatched emissaries to assist the Dwarfs and build goodwill. Many of the humans have lived amongst these Dwarfs for several generations and a lasting bond has developed between them.

Kurbog believes the Dwarf fortress was put in his path to be bashed and bashed 'ard. The Dwarfs and humans will need to work together to deal with this threat.

Stage 1: Kolaz Umgal Dwarfs

Stage 2: Blacksmithing Resources Gathered

Stage 3: Sigmarite Warrior Priests Entered Tower

Stage 4: Forgrin Steelforge

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