High Elf Chapter 8 PQ
Starbrook Falls
zone: Ellyrion

Starbrook Falls Public Quest

Order, High Elf, Chapter 8

location: Windrider Plain, Ellyrion, Chapter 8

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Ellyrion Stables, Allies of War

PQ Lore: The Crimson Shroud has come to Ulthuan, accompanying the Dark Elf fleet as it made it's way south across the northern seas. Carried atop the wave of destruction as House Uthorin pushes further into Ulthuan, the necromancers have at last begun to work their foul craft upon the land. The equine town of Starbrook was among the first to fall to the undead hordes under the command of the Crimson Shroud, the peaceful buildings now spattered with blood and darker things, their prized Ellyrion steeds lying dead in the pastures.

Stage 1: Risen Undead

Stage 2: Blightbinder Acolytes

Stage 3: Orin Blightbinder

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