Greenskin Chapter 13 PQ

Altstadt Public Quest

Destruction, Greenskin, Chapter 13

location: Gorthug's Chew, Black Fire Pass, Chapter 13

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Priesterstadt, Sigmarite Temple

PQ Lore: Whispered voices and wary glances mark the inhabitants of Altstadt as those who have been changed by the onslaught of war. Determined to rebuild the town lying in the shadow of Grimbread Station, the Altstadt Watch scavenges all remaining supplies against the coming winter. The few reasonably sound buildings are secured and reinforced, using the fallen timbers of less fortunate structures.

Flanked by Grimbeard Station and the Temple of Sigmar, the town was ill prepared for the wave of blood-crazed creatures that descended from the north. Even with the assistance of the Dwarfs and Sigmarite Missionaries, the Altstadt citizens were forced to watch their beloved town fall victim to cultists and nightmarish half-man, half-beast creatures. Unsettled and badly provisioned, the town of Altstadt is ripe for invasion.

Stage 1: Kill Altstadt Citizens

Stage 2: Kill Sigmarite Faith-Hammers

Stage 3: Kill Vorn the Faithful

Stage 4: Destroy Statue of Sigmar

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