High Elf Chapter 10 PQ
Slash and Burn
zone: Avelorn

Slash and Burn Public Quest

Order, High Elf, Chapter 10

location: Fernwood, Avelorn, Chapter 10

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Ritual of Corruption, Rotten Embrace

PQ Lore: When confronted by the fierce determination of the Ellyrian Reavers, the Dark Elves had little choice but to flee and regroup just inside the borders of Avelorn. A camp has been hastily built, and those in command are favoring a slash and burn campaign which is carefully calculated to bring the High Elves to battle before their forces are ready, putting them at a distinct disadvantage.

Stage 1: Uthorin Forces

Stage 2: Burning Trees

Stage 3: Tethira Ebonsong

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