Greenskin Chapter 3 PQ
Kron Komar Gap

Kron Komar Gap Public Quest

Destruction, Greenskin, Chapter 3

location: Kron-Komar Gap, Mount Bloodhorn, Chapter 3

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Sacred Grove,

PQ Lore: The Kron Komar Outpost is the intended linchpin of the Dwarf supply line. It consists of two smaller camps separated by a canyon that is spanned by an ornate Dwarf-built bridge. However, greenskins still occupy one half of the town and are eagerly awaiting the chance to finish their sacking of the outpost on the other side of the bridge.

The Dwarf army must drive the greenskins from Ekrund through the Kron Komar Gap. Rorkisson has been charged with holding the Gap against the greenskins. He is well aware that should the Gap fall, the Oathbearers' march will stall and their ancient homeland will remain firmly in greenskin hands.

Stage 1: Komar Dwarfs

Stage 2: Goren Stonebrow

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