High Elf Chapter 12 PQ
Well of Whispers
zone: Avelorn

Well of Whispers Public Quest

Order, High Elf, Chapter 12

location: Well of Whispers, Avelorn, Chapter 12

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Corruption, Stormriver's End

PQ Lore: The Well of Whispers is the ancient location where the Court of the Everqueen would gather to divine the will of the forest. Some of the most powerful mages have sought the wisdom of the Well and communed with the ancient spirits.

Now, the Well has been sought by beasts of Chaos that defile its waters and corrupt its magical energy. A vile Chaos Sorcerer means to use the pool for his own ill gains and is guarded by the corrupted herd.

Stage 1: Kill Ravaging Warhooves

Stage 2: Staves of Whispering Placed

Stage 3: Warghon the Despised

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