High Elf Chapter 12 PQ
Stormriver's End
zone: Avelorn

Stormriver's End Public Quest

Order, High Elf, Chapter 12

location: Well of Whispers, Avelorn, Chapter 12

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Corruption, Well of Whispers

PQ Lore: The village of Stormriver has come under assault by the Necromancers allied with the Dark Elves. The entire city has been obliterated, and the Necromancer Derisolde Abendroth rules over an ever-growing army of the Undead, powered by the Eye of Shyish. The dark army centered in the area poses a severe threat to all of Ulthuan, and it must be destroyed before it can extend its terrible grasp.

Stage 1: Bonecrafted Abominations

Stage 2: Eye of Shyish

Stage 3: Derisolde Abendroth

Stage 4: Derisolde the Undead

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