Greenskin Chapter 13 PQ
Sigmarite Temple

Sigmarite Temple Public Quest

Destruction, Greenskin, Chapter 13

location: Gorthug's Chew, Black Fire Pass, Chapter 13

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Altstadt, Priesterstadt

PQ Lore: The Sigmarite Monastery is the central location for all Cult of Sigmar activities in Black Fire Pass. Several important relics that are believed to have belonged to Sigmar himself are kept in the vaults below the Temple.

An unending stream of pilgrims makes its way each year to pray in the Temple sanctuary and to walk in the steps of Sigmar himself, providing Gorthug's boyz with plenty of humies to vent their frustration upon.

The Dwarfs in Black Fire Pass cannot allow this to happen. Many believe that protecting the pilgrims in Blackfire constitutes breaking the Oath that their race swore to Sigmar himself after the First Battle of Black Fire Pass.

Stage 1: Penitents and Inquisitors

Stage 2: Sigmarite Champions

Stage 3: Sigmarite Vanquishers

Stage 4: Prevent Sigmund from Acquiring the Relics

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