High Elf Chapter 14 PQ
Hall of the Crimson Shroud
zone: Saphery

Hall of the Crimson Shroud Public Quest

Order, High Elf, Chapter 14

location: Menuthil's Burden, Saphery, Chapter 14

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Anudda Brick in Da Wall, Sweating the Stone

PQ Lore: The mansion of Vaelynar Sinelian has stood for thousands of years. Of all the Archmages of Saphery, Vaelynar has acquired a certain infamy amongst his kin for his deep interest in Shyish, the Wind of Death. His interests often lead to him being viewed with suspicion by his kin.

In a last-ditch effort to turn all of Ulthuan into a massive font of Shyish, Vedric von Heilbroner has decided to strike upon the Menhir Stones of Saphery. To do so, he feels that he needs to acquire an Undead army that can aid him in such an effort. Having heard of the strange collections of Vaelynar, Vedric has made his way to the High Elf's mansion and taken it for himself. Now, he intends to perform a powerful ritual which, if completed, will allow him to overwhelm any force at the Menhir Stones.

Stage 1: Shyish Acolytes

Stage 2: Orin Blightbinder

Stage 3: Vedric von Heilbroner

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