High Elf Chapter 15 PQ
Siege of Anyerrial
zone: Eataine

Siege of Anyerrial Public Quest

Order, High Elf, Chapter 15

location: Goldenvale Manor, Eataine, Chapter 15

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Da Orkwerks, Ceylnath Vineyards

PQ Lore: Nestled against the northwestern corner of the Straits of Lothern, the city of Anyerrial stood as one of the last bastions of the High Elves before their great capital. Now Anyerrial has fallen to Dark Elves. Malekith's forces have moved swiftly to reinforce the city against the inevitable retaliation of the High Elves.

Outside the city walls, the determined High Elves regroup. The proud warriors of the Phoenix King, tired of one defeat after another, have resolved to retake the fallen city and turn their fortunes in the war around.

Stage 1: Invaders of Anyerrial

Stage 2: Reaper Bolt Throwers

Stage 3: Lord Karathen Norithar

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