High Elf Warcamp BO
Crystal Falls
zone: Saphery

Bel-Korhadris' Solitude Objective

Order, High Elf, Warcamp

location: Eataine Mustering, Eataine, Warcamp

PQ Lore: This small island was once a sanctuary that the Phoenix King Bel-Korhandris sought out when he found himself in need of a peaceful mind. Isolated from the ambitions of advisors and princes alike, the Scholar King made many of his most important decisions while on the island. His solitude would be responsible for the imagining of the White Tower of Hoeth as well as the founding of the order of the Loremasters of Hoeth.

Few were ever allowed on the island while he reigned, and since the death of Bel-Korhandris centuries ago, none but the keepers of his legacy have tread on the foundation stones of the island. Such seclusion has surely left many valuable artifacts in pristine condition for any who wish to seize their power.

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