High Elf Chapter 17 PQ
The Ritual of Life

The Ritual of Life Public Quest

Order, High Elf, Chapter 17

location: Haleril's Resolve, Eataine, Chapter 17

PQ Lore: The Ritual of Life was the first ritual established by the Elves to contain the warping power of Chaos at the Isle of the Dead. With the arrival of the Dark Elves, the ritual has grown corrupted and grotesque. Twisted Dryads with death in their hearts stalk the area, and the Dark Elves have become slaves to the power of Ghyrian, the Wind of Life. If the ritual is to be reclaimed, the High Elves will have to rid the lands of both the Dark Elves and the tainted spirits of the forest.

Stage 1: Kill Corrupted Lifebranches

Stage 2: Jade Archmage slain

Stage 3: Kill The Lifeless

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