High Elf Chapter 17 PQ
The Ritual of Death

The Ritual of Death Public Quest

Order, High Elf, Chapter 17

location: Haleril's Resolve, Eataine, Chapter 17

PQ Lore: The Ritual of Death is greatly feared, for in performing the ritual, a High Elf must confront death itself. Dark rumors claim that a High Elf Mage who dies performing this macabre ritual will see his soul cast into the waiting jaws of the Great Devourer and be forever tormented.

The Dark Elves used their best Sorcerers in an effort to control the ritual, and they succeeded, after a fashion. Now, the surrounding area is corrupted so that any who enter are at the mercy of vengeful spirits who envy and despise the living.

Stage 1: Destroy the Tormented Spirits

Stage 2: Destroy Tormentors

Stage 3: Banish The Soul Harvester

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