High Elf Chapter 18 PQ
Keeper's Watch

Keeper's Watch Public Quest

Order, High Elf, Chapter 18

location: Caelanriol, Dragonwake, Chapter 18

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Rescue of Aenares, Dragonwatch

PQ Lore: The Dragonwake Sentinels are the watchers of the flames. When a Dragon is stirred to rise, the flames of their hearts grow brighter and rise higher into the air. The Sentinels watch these flames and rouse the Dragon Princes when their mounts stir to awakening. The Dark Elves realized the importance of this outpost early on in their invasion of Dragonwake, and wasted no time in attacking it.

Stage 1: Captured Keepers released

Stage 2: Manticore Riders

Stage 3: Kruergoth Arios

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