High Elf Warcamp BO
Milaith's Memory

Milaith's Memory Objective

Order, High Elf, Warcamp

location: Drakewarden Keep, Dragonwake, Warcamp

PQ Lore: Milaith was one of the most celebrated High Elf historians and scholars. She was a tireless seeker of knowledge, and in her lifetime she amassed a huge collection of documents and tomes dating back to the earliest days of the Elves. She also created remarkably detailed maps of the different provinces of Ulthuan, even charting the extensive network of caverns that run beneath Caledor and Dragonwake.

Milaith fell in battle defending Ulthuan against the Dark Elves many centuries ago, and her dying wish was that her collected documents be stored safely for future generations to enjoy. A vault was erected in her home province of Dragonwake. When the Dark Elf army entered Caledor recently, Prince Tyrion ordered the vault sealed to ensure that the invaders could not destroy the precious relics stored within it.

The Dark Elves have no intention of destroying anything. They are far more interested in the maps of the caverns, which they intend to use to move soldiers and supplies past the High Elf defensive positions.

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