Greenskin Chapter 14 PQ
Kolaz Umgal Scouts

Kolaz Umgal Scouts Public Quest

Destruction, Greenskin, Chapter 14

location: Da Big Burn, Black Fire Pass, Chapter 14

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Blight Favored Cult, Blighted Herd

PQ Lore: An unnatural silence hangs heavily in the air as a detachment of taciturn scouts make camp beneath the snow-laden trees. The troops from the fortress of Kolaz Umgol had been heading north to reinforce the forces defending the northern portions, but met a wall of unexpected resistance for which they were woefully unprepared.

Skargor and his boyz will need to root out the Dwarfs from Kolaz Umgal forces before the Dwarfs are able to rendezvous with their brethren currently cut off in the northern portions of the Pass.

Stage 1: Kill Kolaz Umgal Steelshots

Stage 2: Burn Dwarf Tents

Stage 3: Kill Thulgrim Hurlesson

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