High Elf Warcamp BO
Tier 4 a/c1
zone: Caledor

Senlathain Stand Objective

Order, High Elf, Warcamp

location: Conqueror's Descent, Caledor, Warcamp

PQ Lore: The Ithalan Passage massacre has dealt a grievous blow to the morale of the Shining Guard. Countless High Elves were slaughtered when the enemy launched volley after volley of siege bolts into their ranks. The entire first regiment was destroyed, and only a handful of High Elves escaped the deathtrap.

Those survivors have gathered at Senlathain Stand, where they have established a rallying point. News of the terrible attack has spread, and High Elves from across Caledor march to Senlathain Stand, determined to help their brothers seek bloody vengeance.

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