High Elf Chapter 21 PQ
Shrine of the Dragontamer
zone: Caledor

Shrine of the Dragontamer Public Quest

Order, High Elf, Chapter 21

location: Drakestar's Lament, Caledor, Chapter 21

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PQ Lore: The Shrine of the Dragontamer is the most revered place in all of Caledor. It is named for Caledor Dragontamer, the great mage who harnessed the power of the Dragons, served as counselor to Aenarion, and subsequently created the Vortex. Over the centuries, Dragons have come from all over Ulthuan to enter the deep caves beneath the temple and begin their long slumber. This has lent the ancient shrine an ever greater importance in the eyes of the High Elves.

For a true Dragon Prince of Caledor, the Shrine of the Dragontamer is nearly the equal of the Shrine of Asuryan, and the pride of the High Elves of Caledor is such that they will not let the site decay. Intense enchantments have been woven to protect the area from destruction, maintaining the Shrine's everlasting brilliance.

So potent are these enchantments that guards were never thought to be needed. Thus, the Dark Elves met no resistance when they moved to occupy the Shrine. One of their vile Sorcerers has made it his task to break the wards protecting the Shrine, a desecration that no son of Caledor can allow.

Stage 1: Dark Elves Destroyed

Stage 2: Caledor's Honors secured

Stage 3: Korvus Drakerift

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