High Elf Chapter 21 PQ
Executioner's Blade
zone: Caledor

Executioner's Blade Public Quest

Order, High Elf, Chapter 21

location: Drakestar's Lament, Caledor, Chapter 21

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Shrine of the Dragontamer, Shrine of the Slayer

PQ Lore: Few names among the Dark Elf army inspire as much dread as that of Tullaris. A merciless general and veteran Executioner of Har Ganeth, the cold-hearted and implacable Tullaris relishes each and every death that his great blade brings, whether to the enemy or to those in his own ranks who show fear or incompetence.

Most recently, Tullaris crushed a force of High Elves attempting to charge his camp, and now he holds several enemies prisoner. No doubt, he is saving them for some dark purpose that will amuse his twisted soul.

Stage 1: Prison Camp Liberated

Stage 2: Kill Lord Ulkarath

Stage 3: Tullaris

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