High Elf Chapter 22 PQ
Eyad Adrel
zone: Caledor

Tor Sethai Public Quest

Order, High Elf, Chapter 22

location: Asuryan's Reach, Caledor, Chapter 22

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Pure Power, The Might of Ulthuan

PQ Lore: The shrine city of Tor Sethai has been home to the dead princes of Caledor for centuries. After the Dark Elves established a beachhead along the province's rocky coast, they moved to seize the ancient city and fortify it. From this outpost, Beastlord Rakarth has launched a campaign of terror throughout Caledor. He has met with great success, and now threatens Dragonwake and the lands to the east, including Lothern itself.

The warriors of Ulthuan are desperate to bring an end to Rakarth's relentless attacks, but to do so they must first find his base of operations. After searching the mountains for days, a small force of High Elves tracks one of Rakarth's patrols back to the ancient city of Tor Sethai. Though their hearts are grieved when they see how the Dark Elves have despoiled the ancient city, they take solace in the fact that they have finally found Rakarth's stronghold. Now at last, there will be a reckoning for the Beastlord.

Stage 1: Kill Deathclaw Dark Elves

Stage 2: Rituals Stopped

Stage 3: Kill Makal D'rkhen

Stage 4: Tarkhan Blackblade Slain

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