High Elf Chapter 22 PQ
Pure Power
zone: Caledor

Pure Power Public Quest

Order, High Elf, Chapter 22

location: Asuryan's Reach, Caledor, Chapter 22

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Tor Sethai, The Might of Ulthuan

PQ Lore: The windswept plateau is stained with the blood of High Elf captives. One after another, small bands of Dark Elf warriors lead their captives toward the waiting Lifedrinkers in a seemingly endless stream of sacrifices. In the tradition of the High Elves, this hallowed ritual was called the Feast of Purity. The Dark Elves have twisted and perverted the ancient ceremony, turning into a gruesome rite of blood and death.

High above the gathering throng, a lone High Elf prince awaits a similar fate. Destined to be the final sacrifice in the corrupted ritual, Halathan Mournvale can only give thanks that his betrothed is too far away to risk herself needlessly against the army of House Uthorin that has gathered here.

Stage 1: Wrathwind Forces

Stage 2: Rescue Halathan Mournvale

Stage 3: Cindiriel Rimesong

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