Fortress Lord, Grumtusk Da Ravager Undefined

Destruction, Greenskin, Fortress

location: Butcher Pass, Fortress

PQ Lore: "Grum-tusk? Yes, I know of the creature you speak. He is something of an enigma to me, I must admit. I have always known greenskins to be a barbarous race given to senseless aggression for its own sake. Wanton violence is as much value to their kind as gold is to a Dwarf. However, from what I can discern, this 'Grum-tusk' rarely takes the field of battle personally. Such reserve should mean his death among his race, yet his influence among the savages is palpable. He directs the brutes from a distance, deftly focusing their aggression in the name of crude gods.

I fear we cannot eliminate him simply by goading him to ambush, for he is too cunning. We shall have to meet him on his own terms, in the heart of his den."

- Lady Alentrieal, Scion of House Starcaller

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