zone: The Maw

Fortress Lord, Ashleen Dreadweaver Undefined

Destruction, Chaos, Fortress

location: The Maw, Fortress

PQ Lore: "It is the nature of mortal men t' crave power over the world around 'em. Such desire is understandable given the hazards of the world around 'em. However, it is also in the nature of men to try and attain things that no right-minded person should reach for! No finer example exists than within the walls of the Fortress called The Maw. A plainer name could exist for such a place, for it lies waiting, eager to eat any soul foolish enough to tread in its shadow. As to what manner of mind would call that place home, I dare no guess. How mad would one have to be to feel comfortable there?

If you should find that fate has gone and shown you its bottom, and you have found yourself assaulting the walls of the Maw, then be wary always of your own thoughts. Do no let your mind wander, less you begin to answer the twisted voices that only you can hear."

- Thagri Highmountain, Patriarch of Clan Highmountain, Keeper of the Thrice Blessed Forge

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