Fortress Lord, Thagri Highmountain Undefined

Order, Dwarf, Fortress

location: Stonewatch, Fortress

PQ Lore: "I will share a modest secret with you - something of a guilty pleasure of mine. I find that I never tire of killing Dwarfs. It is so terribly undignifying to so enjoy slaughtering the crude little beasts, I know, but I simply cannot help myself. Where an Orc is simply too stupid to understand it is already dead, and a Man will fight and shout inanities in equal measure, a Dwarf will remain quietly defiant to the very last. It is almost a little game unto itself, seeing how long it will take to break one of the diminutive folk. Should you happen to come across a member of Clan Highmountain, you are indeed in for a rare treat, for I have found them to be an especially tenacious breed of Dwarf.

As I understand it, their current Patriarch is something of a legend amongst his people for some reason or another-who is to say really what inspires such hairy creatures-but what I would not give to have my chance to bring him to his knees. To break one who can rouse his "people" to such reckless acts of bravery. That would indeed be quite the thing, yes?"

- Lord Elethirean, Castellan of the Fortress of Tears

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