zone: Reikwald

Fortress Lord, Rhinehardt Ortmann Undefined

Order, Empire, Fortress

location: Riekwald, Fortress

PQ Lore: Don't go thinkin' dem 'umies is all soft and weak. If dat were true, we'd 'ave bashed all of dem by now. Dat's not wot Mork and Gork want ya see. Dey want da boyz to come out from the caves and down from da hills and from all over da places we've already done bashed, and den fight da fight dat never ends. But first fings first, we gotta see to dat 'umie in his stone hut in Riekwald. Dem uvver 'umies listen to him when he tells dem wot to do. Dey believe dat he can save dem from da boyz and from getting right proppa smashed.

Like I told ya, dats not wot Mork and Gork want, ya see.

- Grumtusk

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