Fortress Lord, Alentriel Undefined

Order, High Elf, Fortress

location: Shining Way, Fortress

PQ Lore: "The Lady Alentrieal, Scion of House Starcaller, daughter of Anaia Silverhair, Archmage of the White Tower - arrogant epithets soon to be fodder for a fool's epitaphs. It is rare for me to feel anything but contempt for those I count amongst my enemies, but I must reserve an exceptional hatred for this Elf. She knows the inevitability of not only her defeat, but of her own demise, and yet she would do nothing to change her destiny. Were she to fall to her knees in righteous piety to He-Who-Sees-through-All-Time, she might be given new purpose. She could become an unparalleled champion of her people, and give her condemned race hope they have not known in millennia.

It is no matter. When the time comes she will be shown the error of her ways. She will have no choice but to recognize the folly, for none can defy our master, Tzeentch, the Changer of Ways.

- Ashleen Dreadweaver, Prophetess of the Unseen Eye

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