Capital Cities Chaos Lands PQ
Tchar'zanek's Labyrinth

Tchar'zanek's Lair Public Quest

Undefined, Capital Cities, Chaos Lands

location: The Inevitable City, Chaos Wastes, Chaos Lands

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
The Monolith, The Sacellum, ,

PQ Lore: To survive the wastes and break through the defenses of the Inevitable City is to face the threat of madness more potent that most powerful magic. But to risk venturing into the castle that sits floating on the edge of all things is prove that such lunacy has taken root. An unimaginable stronghold waits for would-be conquerors, as only the Father of Lies could invent, and at its heart sits the Tchar'zanek, the Great Changer's champion and the Lord of the Raven Host. His Eternal Citadel guards the great chaos portal, and through it come his armies of daemonkind and an unending storm of magic to power his baleful sorcery.

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