Greenskin Chapter 3 PQ
The Sacred Grove

Sacred Grove Public Quest

Destruction, Greenskin, Chapter 3

location: Kron-Komar Gap, Mount Bloodhorn, Chapter 3

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Kron Komar Gap,

PQ Lore: The Sacred Grove has long been suspected to harbor a supernatural presence which acts to protect the wolves that live here. These wolves are needed for their skins in order to maintain the Waaagh!. Goblins, with their subtlety and careful hands, are proving to be invaluable for this task.

Bruza's minion, named Splinta, has organized groups of Skinna Gits to harvest wolf skins for the Waaagh!, but they are not quite up to the task of actually killing the wolves. With the Dryad Branchwraith protecting the Sacred Grove's wolves by slaying as many Skinna Gits as it can find, Splinta has become slightly annoyed with the slow pace of wolf-pelt gathering and the fast pace of Skinna Git casualties. Someone will have to go into the Sacred Grove and settle the guardian Dryad's hash once and for all.

Stage 1: Gather Animal Hides

Stage 2: Wrathful Spites

Stage 3: Lucius Richter

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