Greenskin Warcamp BO

Ironskin Skar Objective

Destruction, Greenskin, Warcamp

location: Mudja's Warcamp, Thunder Mountain, Warcamp

PQ Lore: Among all the southern holds of the Dwarfs, Karak Drazh was second only to the mighty fortress at Karak Eight Peaks in its size and splendor. The rich, dark ore that veined the rock surrounding the keep gifted the Dwarfs of the south with much wealth. Now the keep lies ruins atop a scarred, mined out land, and the Ironskin tribe have claimed the area as their own. Fearsome boar riders, the Ironskin tribe excels at riding down their squat enemies with their hunting spears. Calling their new home the Ironskin Skar, the boar riders of the keep are the bane of every Dwarf force to march on Black Crag.

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