Greenskin Warcamp BO

Badmoon Hole Objective

Destruction, Greenskin, Warcamp

location: Mudja's Warcamp, Thunder Mountain, Warcamp

PQ Lore: Badmoon Hole appears to be little more than a bottomless cavern infested with fungus and vermin. No sane commander would think such a place the equivalent of the stoutest Dwarf keep. Yet the Night Goblins of the Badmoon tribe have proved a formidable enemy in the soiled depths of their chasm. While owing no allegiance to Grumlok and Gazbag, the Badmoon Night Goblins would have nonetheless made themselves enthusiastic enemies of the Dwarf armies marching on Black Crag. For the Night Goblins it is a simple matter. After all, what git would wants to fight another goblin for fungus waste when there is stunty meat to be had?

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