Greenskin Warcamp BO
Gnol Baraz

Gnol Baraz Objective

Destruction, Greenskin, Warcamp

location: Muggar's Choppaz, The Badlands, Warcamp

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Furrig's Fall, Bugman's Brewery, Thickmuck Pit

PQ Lore: Built years after the warrior Sigmar an entire warband of Orcs and rescued Kurgan Ironbeard from his captivity, the keep of Gnol Baraz stands guard over the roads of Black Fire Pass, a reminder of the promise between the realms of Dwarf and man. Translating to "Ancient Vow," the stronghold of Gnol Baraz is still defended by the descendant of Kurgan Ironbeard, and having been built into the mountain itself, it is likely the stay that way for generations to come.

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