Chaos Warcamp BO
Zimmeron's Hold

Zimmeron's Hold Objective

Destruction, Chaos, Warcamp

location: Darkstone Vantage, Reikland, Warcamp

PQ Lore: Zimmeron's Hold is known as "the keep paid for with another fool's army," and is only the latest structure to hold the deepest part of the wastes. Many keeps have risen and fallen in the swirling sands and frosts that guard the route to the Inevitable City, but little of that has had anything to do with assault brought against them. Instead, the fickle squabbling of the Ruinous Powers has been the beginning and end of every keep in the heart of the wastes.

As the followers of the Great Changer have current control of the Inevitable City, they too must determine the keep that guards their seat of power. In an effort to placate one of his squabbling rivals, the Great Changer has seen fit to give over command of the great keep to a champion of Khorne, charging the ambitious Zimmeron to hold the keep built upon the corpses of ten thousand souls once loyal to the Blood God.

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