Chaos Warcamp BO
Southern Garrison
zone: Praag

Southern Garrison Objective

Destruction, Chaos, Warcamp

location: Ravensworn, Praag, Warcamp

PQ Lore: Raised during the last rebuilding of Praag, the Southern Garrison of Praag is the last hope for the city's defenders. However, the keep was not built to protect the city, but to stand against the tide of destruction after the city has fallen. The keep's highest walls face towards the city to ward off ruin from the north rather than invite in the city's fleeing citizens. The main gate faces towards the realm of the Empire so that any force besieging the keep will risk its flank to reinforcements arriving from the south.

Most of Praag's citizens do not realize the truth of the Southern Garrison, which may be considered a small mercy. For how could they live their lives knowing that the massive fortress from which they take courage is only meant to hold back the corruption of chaos after the city is destroyed?

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