Chaos Warcamp BO
Northern Garrison
zone: Praag

Garrison of Skulls Objective

Destruction, Chaos, Warcamp

location: Ravensworn, Praag, Warcamp

PQ Lore: The northern garrison of Praag is a parody of its southern cousin, for the mortal men of Praag could have never constructed such a large and terrible keep. After the initial assault of Praag, when the northern garrison was overrun and most of the northern portion of the city was fired and its people slaughtered, the forces of Raven Host seem to disappear into the smoke and fog of their destruction. Nothing but shadows of walking beasts was seen of the ravaging horde that had descended upon the city and left half of it in ruin. Any scout sent into the smoke-filled northern portion of the city did not return and so the surviving defenders regrouped and braced for what was to come. For weeks the only information from the northern Praag came in rumors of shadows carrying off the remains of destroyed buildings and slaughtered dead.

At last the smoke cleared, and it was on that morning that the defenders saw the massive keep erected atop the shattered remnants of their old garrison and their slaughtered people. Beastmen guarded its walls baying with rage across the shattered city. Only through the power of the Dark Gods could such a structure be created, a Garrison of Skulls from which to slaughter the rest of Praag.

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