Chaos Warcamp BO
Stonetroll Keep

Stonetroll Keep Objective

Destruction, Chaos, Warcamp

location: Raven's Edge, Ostland, Warcamp

PQ Lore: No one of the Empire knows the true name of Stonetroll Keep, but everyone seems to agree that they had rather not know. Built from a smooth stone not found anywhere in Troll Country, and surrounded by twisted land and daemonic fire, its current name serves to blunt the horror of the creation. The keep earned its nickname when Wurolt Trollbreaker stood atop its walls and attempted to bend the Stone Trolls of the area to his will with his foul sorcery. It is much debated whether he succeeded or failed, but there is little doubt that he had some effect on the especially stupid trolls. Ever since Empire scouts have witnessed large Stone Troll continually wandering around the keep and gnawing on its foundations. Only boiling oil will drive the creatures off, yet they always return, seemingly having forgotten their earlier encounters.

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