Dwarf Warcamp BO

Kazad Dammaz Objective

Order, Dwarf, Warcamp

location: Gharvin's Brace, Kadrin Valley, Warcamp

PQ Lore: The "Fortress of Grudges" has a long history, dating back to the War of the Beard. It was at the gates of Kazad Dammaz that the most violent advance of the Elven armies was halted, and it was no longer after that the Dwarfs pushed the Elves back and restored their honor with the head of the High Elf Phoenix King. Little has been forgotten of that agae within the walls of Kazad Dammaz, and the halls are still lines with the gruesome trophies made from dead Elves and looted trinkets. If any place were a testament to the obdurate resilience of the Dwarfs, it is surely the mighty keep of Kazad Dammaz.

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