Dwarf Warcamp BO
Port's Gate Watch

Dok Karaz Objective

Order, Dwarf, Warcamp

location: Goldpeak's Overlook, Barak Varr, Warcamp

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
The Lighthouse, The Ironclad

PQ Lore: The Great Cove of Barak Varr is a near impenetrable port contained within the mountains themselves. Only the narrowest of passageways allow access to the great city from the east, guarding the city against almost any land based attack. The waters are patrolled by enormous Ironclads, each capable of destroying a fleet in and of themselves. However, the Dwarfs have never been a people to be sparing with their fortifications, and so built the great keep of Dok Karaz. Looming over the straights that lead to Great Cove, the Dok Karaz bristles with more cannons than even a great Ironclad could carry. Any vessel that would use the lighthouse of Barak Varr to guide themselves safely to the city's port must do so with the full knowledge of the guns trained on them, and gauntlet waiting in the darkness.

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