Dwarf Warcamp BO
Fang Breaka Hold

Fangbreaka Swamp Objective

Order, Dwarf, Warcamp

location: Thurarikson's Warcamp, Marshes of Madness, Warcamp

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Alcadizaar's Tomb, Goblin Armory

PQ Lore: Slogging through the Marshes of Madness day in and day out, one might forget that they are crossing under the shadow of jagged and formidable mountains. Whether or not the greenskins that built Fang Breaka Keep realized this detail is debatable, but the truth of the matter is that their keep has more natural defenses that any within a hundred leagues. Built upon the ruins of a Temple of Mourkain, the keep is named after the greenskin victory over the vampires that held complete dominion over the land. Butted up securely against the mountains and surrounded by deep bogs and hidden sinkholes, Fang Breaka Keep offers no angles of attack, no weak flanks, and not even a single clear sight line for any attacker. To siege the keep in these marshes is to risk the desertion of an entire army, for only the greenskins are hardy and stupid enough to persist in such conditions. Only the walking dead offer the greenskins much of a challenge in the marshes, and the keep's defenders make sure to defecate on the many Mourkain artifacts left in the keep's foundations in hopes of keeping the zombies at bay.

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