Empire Warcamp BO
Wilhelm's Fist
zone: Reikland

Wilhelm's Fist Objective

Order, Empire, Warcamp

location: Tannenbach's Doom, Chaos Wastes, Warcamp

PQ Lore: Wilhelm's Fist is a testament to the boldness and nobility of the Empire. The keep is named after the Grand Theogonist Wilhelm III, who threw himself to his death in order to drag the vampire, Vlad von Carstein, to his doom. Rising from a towering plateau at the narrowest point between the rivers of Reikland, Wilhem's Fist is guards the whole of Reikland's river valley from assault. No army from the north can hope to ride south without first reckoning with the Fist, and to assault the keep is to battle against three sheer cliffs and dozens of Empire great cannons. From their vantage atop the Fist, the defenders of the Empire hold the rivers and hills of northern Reikland firmly in their grasp. So long as Wilhelm's heir holds the keep, his vigilance of the Empire will never falter.

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