Empire Warcamp BO
Morr's Repose
zone: Reikland

Morr's Repose Objective

Order, Empire, Warcamp

location: Tannenbach's Doom, Chaos Wastes, Warcamp

PQ Lore: Thought by some to be little more than a decaying fortress surrounded by moldering tombs, Morr's Repose is the last obstacle to any army wishing to lay siege to Altdorf's bastion fortress and the city itself. Lying relatively low in the Reikland valley, the keep does not bear the commanding view a lord might desire, nor do its walls boast the most modern defenses. Yet the keep lays claim to the dead of Altdorf, an imposing enough reputation for any castle. The "Grave Keep" has only known triumph in its existence, throwing back hundreds of sieges since its creation. Even its would-be conquerors over the years are never able to hold the keep, for troubled by the sounds emanating from the tombs at the stronghold's foundation, and the walking shadows of its halls, it is never long before keep's defenders again take possession of its walls.

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