Greenskin Chapter 17 PQ
Reichert's Raiders

Reichert's Raiders Public Quest

Destruction, Greenskin, Chapter 17

location: Hot Foot Boyz, Thunder Mountain, Chapter 17

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Gutbashed Gnoblars, Und-a-Runki

PQ Lore: Reichert's Raiders are a small-time Dog of War unit based out of Aldium in the lands of the Border Princes. Franz Reichert, the leader of the Red Raiders, has long wished to rival not only other Dogs of War units but even the great regiments of the Empire. In order to do this, he realized that he needed money, and a lot of it.

While traveling through Thunder Mountain, Reichert's Raiders came across evidence of forgetten Dwarf holds and Franz realized that if he could gather the artifacts from this area and sell them in Aldium, he may have enough money to raise the forces he needs to conquer lands in the Border Princes and beyond. With excavation in full swing, the Raiders are a prime target for the ravaging greenskin horde.

Stage 1: Kill Reichert's Men

Stage 2: Place Greenskin Banner

Stage 3: Kill Franz Reichert

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