Greenskin Chapter 18 PQ
The Cult of Drakk

Da Drakk Cult Public Quest

Destruction, Greenskin, Chapter 18

location: Da Scrappin' Camp, Thunder Mountain, Chapter 18

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Gutbash Tribe Stronghold, Flamerock Mine

PQ Lore: Azorgaron is the name of a Great Drakk who once wreaked havoc upon the Dwarf settlements of Karag Dron. A wizard's apprentice named Rahkuul came to worship Azorgaron after weeks of being plagued with visions of an ancient conflict between the Dwarf Runelord Zakan Blackrune and the Great Drakk. Convinced the images that plagued his mind were a gift, he set out on foot to find the source of the visions.

Eventually, the cultists found their way to Thunder Mountain. As if by fate, they recognized the shard of stone and the forbidding terrain described in Rahkuul's visions. They'd finally arrived where the spirit of Azorgoran had been guiding them. The Cultists wasted no time consecrating a shrine and setting up a sacrificial altar.

Here, the Cult of Drakk would spill the blood of the Dwarfs in the name of their god, Azorgoran in the hopes that this would wake him from his sleep.

Stage 1: Drakk Cultists Slain

Stage 2: Drakk Prophets Slain

Stage 3: Drakk Sibyls Slain

Stage 4: Karena the Scaleseer

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