Greenskin Chapter 18 PQ
Gutbash Ogre Camp

Gutbash Tribe Stronghold Public Quest

Destruction, Greenskin, Chapter 18

location: Da Scrappin' Camp, Thunder Mountain, Chapter 18

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Da Drakk Cult, Flamerock Mine

PQ Lore: Ogres are smelly, offensive, and above all, deadly. Ogres will fight for anyone as long as they're well fed and well paid. The Gutbash Ogres have been hired by the Drakk cultists to protect them as they complete their dark rituals to awaken the Dragon God Azorgoran. The Gutbash Ogres are camped in front of the Drakk Cultists' shrine and sacrificial altar, guarding their ragged tents and supplies, and waiting for the Drakks to finish their mumbo-jumbo so that the Gutbash crew can move on to a less hellish climate. They don't care about the Cultists or their silly ceremonies, but the Ogres love a good barbecue and whatever it is that the Drakk Cultists have planned looks to be a feast for the ages. The approaches to the Gutbash Camp are festooned with traps and patrolled by Gnoblar Hunters who are seeking to impress their Ogre masters with an odd catch here and there.

Any assault on the Drakk Cultist's shrine will need to go through the Ogre camp.

Stage 1: Gutbash Gnoblar Trappers

Stage 2: Kill Curbag the Hunter

Stage 3: Kill Gutbash Gnoblar Groinbiters

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